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Name: Jen

Age: 29

Home Track: Arlington Park, and Hawthorne somewhat as well

Favorite Race Track: Arlington and Keeneland

Have you ever been to the KY Derby?: Of course! More than once. The first time was the year my boy Smarty swam home in the mud.

Have you ever been to the Breeders Cup?: No, we couldn’t get tickets the year it was at Arlington.

What was your first BIG race and/or race horse?: I think Sunday Silence in his Derby is the first horse and race I really remember being emotionally invested in. Or Mr. Frisky. Or Fly So Free. Who was the earliest Derby?

Who is your favorite claimer?: That would be Intern, followed by Cheddar (who is no longer in the midwest and who I worry about a lot).

What is your favorite wager?: 3-horse exacta box all the way.

What one track would you really like to visit that you haven’t yet?: It’s a tie between the Spa and Hollywood Park (before it’s gone *sigh*).

Any other words of wisdom?: “I just want them all to come home safe.” I say that before the start of any race that I watch.


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  1. Paul Moran says:


    Thanks for the kind note left on my site .. noticed yours in traffic data over the weekend. Appreciate the link. I’ll he happy to reciprocate. Good luck.

    Paul Moran

  2. yuwipi says:

    Saw the site in your comment on Steve Crist’s DRF blog. Glad I came to take a look. Enjoyed my visit a lot.
    Hope you make it to the Spa as soon as possible, you owe it to yourself. Truer words never spoken than your closing words of wisdom, and I share your sentiments totally.

  3. Michael says:

    A few years ago I moved away from the 3-horse boxes and started betting exacta and trifecta wheels… it’s even better if you like to bet a Tri:

    A, B WITH A, B, C WITH A, B, C, D = $8 and you pick up an extra horse in third.

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