Kentucky Derby 136 is in the books

So, Super Saver was the real deal. The bettors had him; the handicappers, not so much (although Derby Dream Bet winner Glen Fullerton certainly was right on the money, placing a $100,000 win bet on Super Saver that netted him $900,000). Todd Pletcher (Super Saver’s trainer) finally got that Derby monkey off his back with help from the God of Churchill Downs himself, Calvin Borel. Borel only won his third Derby in the last four years, not really a big deal at all. But seriously, no other jockey in the history of the Kentucky Derby has accomplished that feat, so hat’s off to Mr. Borel on his mastery of the Churchill Downs oval (he also rode FIVE winners on Churchill’s opening day, so his magic is not limited to Derby Day).

I know I have a disturbing tendency to cast this blog to the side for months (years?) at a time and randomly pick it back up, but I am hoping to put a stop to this and get a bit more regular with things. I was going to do a revamp on the appearance, but I kind of don’t hate the way it looks right now so I may not. I have photos from Derby week that I will try to post soon, and there is a photo album on this site that I haven’t updated since 2008 and I have mountains of pictures to add (including Zenyatta’s “Farewell Tour – NOT” at Hollywood Park last fall!!). I am going to change the subject matter a bit, too, because I can actually write about things other than the Triple Crown! Like the whole Arlington Park meet that I participate in but virtually ignore in print. So. There are plans. Let’s see if I actually execute this time. I said the other day (while watching Jessica Pacheco and the other guy analyzing the day’s races at Arlington) that I wished I could make a living talking about horse racing too, but that would involve actually talking about it first!